Artist Statement

Artist Statement

BLANKETISM is a term coined by Katie Ruiz for the contemporary art movement that incorporates blanket imagery and themes as metaphors for social anonymity and expression, for tapestry as metacultural element, and as an integral component in iconic art history.

 Blankets are something we use to keep us warm. We use them to keep us safe, to warm our children, to bury our loved ones. We use them to play, to make tents, and for aesthetic purposes. Blankets are full of stories, history, secrets and special moments. Sharing a blanket is sharing intimacy. My work is about the narrative of that connection. 

 I employ different mediums such as oil paint, encaustic wax, acrylic, varnish, graphite, pencil, oil pastel and chalk pastel on paper and canvas as well as yarn, string and found objects. I have a deep interest in cultures and textiles. I am specifically interested in Latin American textiles and symbolism. These colors and patterns are embodied in my paintings. 

 “Katie's subject is the relationship between intense emotion and physical organs. She has powerful drawing skills. Her work is best when it expresses, to me, a very feminine power. Katie is a radical builder of a drawing. She is very brave and willing to use any means necessary in making the drawing.”

–Judy Glantzman